CW’s The Flash: Villain Teaser and John Wesley Shipp Talks

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John Wesley Shipp discuses his role in the upcoming CW TV series – The Flash, and a popular villain might be set to appear.

When it was first revealed that the man who brought to life The Flash in the 90s TV series was going to appear in this, newer incarnation of the fastest man alive, fans and geeks everywhere got pretty excited, myself included. Yes that’s right, I am talking about John Wesley Shipp, who will be playing the father of Barry Allen – Henry Allen.

Comic Book Therapy recently interviewed Shipp, which allowed him to address a few questions and concerns. First, he confirmed that he would be a “recurring guest star” and he also discussed the fan disappointment when they learned he would not be playing Jay Garrick:

I don’t know what I can say without giving stuff away! All I can say, if people were disappointed that I’m not playing Jay Garrick because they wanted to see the baton passed, they’re going to get that. It’s going to be in the context of father/son so that it will appeal to a wider audience, because we have to realize that we can’t keep a show on the air…although the comic book audience will drive getting it there, we have to appeal to a broader audience so we put it in the context of father and son. But they will know when it happens. It’s awfully effective.

Now onto something we already knew, CW’s The Flash is going to feature plenty of villains and writer Geoff Johns is working hard with some of the other writers to bring some of those villains onto the small screen.

Will we get to see Captain Cold in season 1 of The Flash? Maybe, but it’s still a little early for those type of rumors. With a July shooting date for The Flash, we should be getting some more juicy rumors speeding in soon so stay tuned!

Source: CBT

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CW’s The Flash: Villain Teaser and John Wesley Shipp Talks
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